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AN1MALA “El Drama”

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Cuban born, multi talented singer songwriter / producer, AN1MALA (Berto Carlos Lopez), drops a well brewed slice of Cubana infused electro-beat, slinky instrumentation and effortless vocal hook, to move, groove and improve the mood of your summer party season.

‘El Drama’ rides its vibe light, by carefully crafting percussive value into every musical element, seamlessly blending the rhythmic with the melodic, through slick production techniques. AN1MALA’s vocal shifts in tightly timed phrases, the La Habana born singer, having first made his bones on the Cuban freestyle rap scene. The track walks the tightrope of good taste well, complementing his vocal style and feel with deftly applied pitch FX, that enhances, but never takes chances with the singer’s accomplished voice.

‘El Drama’ is a Travolta strut. Saturday night fever, finessed. Perfectly pitched for the summer sweat and grind. Arms round your lover, bodies pressed hot and hard together, lost in the stink of each other. Dance ’till the sun comes up. Dance ’till the two of you drop. Dance. Twitter: @an1mala IG: an1mala

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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