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Ana Silvera “Circle of Chalk”

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Taken from her new album, ‘Oracles’ (Released July 6), London based alt. folk singer songwriter, Ana Silvera’s, ‘Circle of Chalk’ is an orchestrated delight ; a vocal opus, rich in percussive energy and intriguing musical device.

The track inspires a singular listening sensation, more akin to that of performance art. The tonal uniqueness of the opening rhythmic salvo, catches the ear immediately, with a ‘beat-orientated’ voice arrangement of hushed vowel sounds, swiftly adding to the theatre evoking and quickly evolving aural experience. Further instrumental elements join, adding to both the sonic palette and syncopated tapestry. The track avoids become cluttered through skillful and well thought out use of arrangement, EQ / Dynamic treatment and panning position alike.

Comparisons between Ana and Kate Bush, are as obvious as they are inevitable. And yet, the music of Ana Silvera feels too fiercely original, to be crassly compared to that of another. As it moves from one musical idea to another, building in intricacy and engagement, ‘Circle of Chalk’ dares the listener to become bored.

The grace and imagination of the track is sweeping, and almost overwhelming to take in all at once. Not a song for the summer. A song for the rest of your life. Twitter: @anasilveramusic IG: ana_silvera

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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