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Chløë Black “Spaceman”

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Franco-Australian, self described, ‘International Woman of Misery’, the sardonic, the singular, the willfully particular, Chløë Black drops self released, hypno-cryptic, electro alt pop gem,“Spaceman”.

Graceful melodic ambients, and contrasting sunken piano counts, forcefully blunted to obscure, saunter opulent on shunted snippet beats and stuttered percussive ripples, effected. Orbiting elliptical around a black hole sun, this grunge infused, EDM turned inside out, sonic spacewalk in freefall, resonates magnificent in ‘giving zero f**ks’ gravity. Contradiction brought to Art, through imitating life ; a musical personality borderline-ed, daring to be maligned ; iconic beauty, framed ugly, oddity extraordinary.

“Spaceman” stands tall on broken legs ; shifting from pop consumable to composition ‘chart unusable’, an aural testament to the conflicted nature of its creator ; kaleidoscope of contradiction, singalong in introspection, in defiance of expectation, Chløë Black is writing the hymn sheet, from which we all gratefully sing.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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