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CXLOE “Show You”

Electrosonics scattered percussive, low drone, thickened for the build, punctuated by burst-wave kicks ; alt-electronic / electro-alternative artist CXLOE drops her third single, pop-tronic tour-de-force,“Show You”.

Following the attitude smacked debut,“Tough Love”, and synth-epic,“Monster”, the Australian singer songwriter delivers a confident dose of well crafted chart ‘not unfriendly’ pop, rich in the obligatory vocal FX and EDM inspired beat ; but whereas other aspiring ‘pop stars’ fall foul of tired cliché and the lazy generic of FX/beat bought by the packet, CXLOE and Co demonstrates good taste and original thinking in designing a soundscape bespoke to the track and that of, her larger creative world. Smart use of vox synths, gated rhythmic to double track vocals, and a keen attention to detail, in composing musical element and layer, produces an arrangement with depth and subtlety.

In the heavily over saturated market of dance/electro/EDM pop, the vast majority of Artists struggle to stand out. With new single“Show You”, CXLOE doesn’t stand out. She stands tall.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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