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Daniel Feinberg “The Strand”

Following up on two previous releases this year, a remix of“The One with the Tickets”by Italian producer Bzur, and a cover of Swearin’ 2012 release ‘Movie Star’ (with Mel Yaris on Vocals + Bass), Daniel Feinberg returns with his first original material since his 2017 album,A Dream to Unwrap, with new single,“The Strand”.

The lofi, laid back, Indie summer anthem was written, performed and produced by the Daniel himself, with Luxembourg based Producer, Tobi brought in to mix and master.“The Strand”represents the second collaboration between the unlikely pair, Tobi having previously remixed Daniel’s beautiful serenade, and most popular release to date,“Want You the Most”(released December, 2017).

A highly musical blend of contrasting percussive elements and sweeping melodies,“The Strand”features Daniel’s trademark singalong vocals and the talented, multi-instrumentalist’s love of using a rich array of instruments in his unassuming, yet engaging arrangements. The creatively crafted reprise provides a fittingly aural delight for the listener, that tops of the song, both in terms of meaning and sound.

“The Strand”is beers and barefoot in the grass ; lazing, hazy days and hanging with your friends ; BBQs and kites, blues skies and counting clouds.


Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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