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IDA KUDO "Ghost"

Pulsating electro drum, pagan beat and blunt broken, sonic shards, thrown left/right percussive, herald the arrival of new release, “Ghost” from rising star of the Copenhagen underground electronic scene, IDA KUDO.

The half Japanese/half Danish Artist and Producer’s second single of 2018, and follow up to the swaggered primal, sampled charged, grace and majesty of previous release, “Wolf”“Ghost” treads lighter and faster on its feet; the tribal drive and energy of “Wolf” remains, but stepped up and hyped nice for the dance floor. IDA’s astonishing voice stabs and slashes, through the verses; lyrics whipped at you, cutting deep by the syllable. In chorus, her vocals amped ethereal, in lingering melodic shrieks, further enhanced with stylish use of reverb. An ever-contrasting, ever-moving, array of ultra cool instrumentation, cascades about the stereo field, creating width and depth at speed. The entire track, alive in perpetual movement; a blood boiling, phonic-cauldron; a rising charge, creeping up your spine; drawing the basic, the fundamental, the animalistic from deep down, inside your very core. Inspired use of creative double tracking, SSL style compression smacks and smart use of automation, heighten the track and your senses alike.

A confident and accomplished piece of EDM/Pop production that will stand out on playlists, is taken to another level by the original collection of sample, sound and instrument, successfully woven together in a striking aural experience; all of which, underpinned and strengthened still further by IDA KUDO’s deft songwriting and singular performance.

“Ghost” represents a bolt upwards, as this talented underground Artist continues her impressive ascent to the stars. Twitter: @IdaKudoMusic IG: IdaKudo

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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