• Tobi

Jack Watts “Horrorscope”

Ambient soundscapes, shattered memories guised audio snapshot, blunted bass sonics and lofi-ed beats, shuffled to Motown seasoned syncopation, makes for the alt pop, electro experimental, canvas on which singer songwriter Jack Watts paints his latest release, the kaleidoscopic, helter skelter-ed,“Horrorscope”.

Jack Watt’s soulful voice carries the lyrics gentle, in well worked, strained phrasing that compels, in quiet surges of emotion, as it flexes to breaking point ; accompanying harmonies add depth and warmth, but also contrasting disturbance and uneasy melancholy. The scattered shifting sonicscape works the stereo field in criss-crossing breaths ; sudden snatches of aural agony burst, breaking open the well crafted melodic flow. A jazz infused crescendo groove tops the track off, in a surprising turn of pace.

Inspired as it is odd, delightful as it is disquieting,“Horrorscope” stands apart. Jack Watts is very much one to keep on ear on. ..if only to hear what he’ll dare to do next.




Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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