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Joe Sims "Shelter"

Independent singer songwriter Joe Sims adds to his impressive tally of releases this year, with his eighth single of 2018, the tender love song, “Shelter”.

Tastefully ‘underdriven’ by an arpeggio acoustic guitar, paired well to Joe’s gently laid back vocals, the song has a dulcet, quietly engaging tone, that evokes a longing sense of nostalgia. The warm, ‘low mid’ and ‘hands off’ feel of the mix, without clever trick or FX, adds to the straightforward listening experience; creating the impression of an honest relationship between that of listener and performer.

Additional instrumentation arrives as the song progresses, with bass, drums and percussion, swinging and swaying the song through chorus, into second verse and beyond; a well judged electric guitar solo adding a touch of ear candy and fizz.

For fans of vinyl recordings, the good old ‘down the middle’ timbre of the track will feel like coming home. Very much a songwriter in the great American tradition, Joe Sims is crafting an impressive catalogue of well written, intuitively arranged material ; that demonstrates both creative integrity and good taste.

You can currently download three of Joe’s songs for free via his website! Twitter: @JoeSimsMusic IG: JoeSimsMusic

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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