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Jon Magnusson “Sweetest Thing”

It’s been a busy year for Swedish singer-songwriter Jon Magnusson, having already released his second EP,Always a Rebel and a string of supporting remixes, newly released,“Acoustic Dreams” retains the Independent Artist’s trademark mix of influences, ranging from punk to folk, metal to electro ; but in doing so, conjures an intoxicating nostalgia and a dreamlike sense of emotional place and time.

Beautifully worked reverb and carefully, consistent use of panning and processing give the EP a binded together feel, rare in modern ‘multi producer/mixer’ releases ; providing a subtle frame in which to present, Jon’s talent for original arrangement and intuitive musical timing. The finger picked rendition of Stockholm based Indietronica duet, Almost Honey’s,“Sweetest Thing”, is an inspired blend of counterpointed arpeggios, wistful backing vocals and sweeping, intricate string accompaniment.

With a growing canon of impressive musical works, Jon is steadily becoming an Artist of considerable integrity and depth. A storyteller who stands favorable compare with likes of Dylan, Petty and Springsteen.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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