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Juxta / The Turtle Project “Crash and Burn”

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Dark clouds cast long shadows, deep with beats, across a sprawling urban landscape. Rasping guitar strings blow through the baking heat, cascading discarded trash down the deserted streets.

UK based, self described, ‘Industrial Post-Punk’ act, Juxta team up with one man, ‘songwriting experiment’, The Turtle Project to ‘Crash and Burn’ your shiny happy, pop chart friendly, summer playlists. Taken from prolific, release machine, Juxta’s latest EP, ‘Survive’ (Released June 29), the band’s twelfth release this year, ‘Crash and Burn’, successfully combines ambient, technoir cinematic, soundscapes with highly percussive musical elements to create a tense, sonic assault upon the senses, that compels as it confronts ; the Turtle Project’s idea rich, stab n rush, lyrical flow forming the phonetically charged, snarled oratory, straight up the centre of the mix.

‘Crash and Burn’, a fallen city on fire. ‘Crash and Burn’, a summer soundtrack to social decay. ‘Crash and Burn’, caught between the ideals of the vista haze. ‘Crash and Burn’, and the sweltering stench of failed reality. ‘Crash and Burn’. ‘Crash and Burn’.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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