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Kate Lomas “Drink 2 U”

All singing, all dancing, singer/songwriter/producer Kate Lomas, whips up a neo synth pop infused, beat bounced, electro-tastic slice of homemade dance-pop, with new single, “Drink 2 U”.

Following up on the critically acclaimed, “Sweet Strange Days” (currently playing at an H&M near you), the UK based independent producer / artist has crafted an ‘ear catching’, playlist friendly, and yet, strikingly graceful, pop song. Huge, expansive synth pads open up the track in great waves of fizzing, ’80s evocative’ energy, and in melancholic contrast to the tight, electro piano dabs, well timed vox FXs and functional bit beat.

Kate’s voice bubbles along with an accented edge of cynicism; lyric and tone modulating between ‘world weary’ and ‘world wonder’. The pleasingly straightforward economy of arrangement and instrumentation, deftly wrapped in well judged use of reverb, panning and stereo space, makes for an effortless and engaging listening experience.

Having already attracted the support of BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball, and assorted Indie press, Kate Lomas is shaping up to be an impressive and inspirational standard-bearer for independent producers across the indie-sphere, hoping to make progress in this new, streaming media dominated market. Twitter: @KateLomas IG: KateLomasMusic

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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