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Liz Asaro "High"

New York based multi-genre influenced Artist, Liz Asaro drops her third release of 2018, new single, “High”; high concept, 80s inspired production, confidently paired with a contemporary, upfront mix, with stylishly finessed stereo field and disciplined use of reverb, ambitiously frames the well crafted, slow burn to explosion, blockbuster pop/alt rock, 3 minute 27 second epic.

“Can You Feel It in the Air Tonight” drums, backed-up by a multitude of modern pop percussive elements, creating depth and width ; further enhanced by cinematic-style sound design, provide drive and scale for an impressive array of instrumental idea, intuitively arranged within well worked sonic space.

Talented singer Liz Asaro delivers a striking performance ; her voice a compelling and contrasting combination of soulful, rock tone, lingering pop-sweet whisper and funk-attitude snarl ; packaged in a rapid-fire assault of chart-targeted, stutter/pitch/delay/reverse vox FX and vocoder/vox-synthed, double tracks and harmonies.

“High” marks a step up in terms of production and songwriting for the New York based Artist. The track struts and swaggers, like a prize fighter ready for the big night; resonating a sense of confidence by the beat, landing it’s punches hard on the bar. Look high and listen up, Liz Asaro has found her sound. And she’s ready to rumble. Twitter: @LizAsaroMusic IG: LizAsaroMusic

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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