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Millie Turner “She was a Dancer”

Attracting glowing praise from a string of heavy hitters across the Indieweb, for debut EP,Eyes on You; which drew together previous single releases, ‘Underwater’, ‘The Shadow’ and the quietly hypnotic, all conquering, 3 million streams and counting, title track, Eyes on You; plus so far unreleased fourth track, the sonicially delightful, engaging on the down low,“You and I”; seventeen year old Millie Turner drops bit blunted, stripped back, percussive lofi oddity and pop odyssey,“She was a Dancer”.

Lush brass phrases, drenched in reverb, shimmer within the synopation masterclass of beats, bits, snaps, claps and taps ; in absence of all but the barest minimum of melodic instrumentation, Millie’s vocal is free to sauter, sway, shift and swagger a bittersweet lyric, stepping gracefully around the count; ‘sung talked’ verses, laze compelling, off the back of the beat, instant singalong pre choruses, counter-rhythmic, and melodic centric choruses, draw the ear to listen and the heart to care.

Millie’s voice having that rare quality, both accomplished and approachable, stunning, but never off putting ; she invites you to sing with her. Already playing on a host of Spotify’s local New Music Fridays (including the UK, Germany and Colombia), the strikingly mature and well judged,“She was a Dancer”, is set to propel this young superstar in waiting, to yet more dizzying heights.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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