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Paloma Rush “With My Army”

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

LA based self described, ‘Pop / EDM / Hip Hop’, Artist, Paloma Rush delivers a tight right of punch & pop, electronic ‘don’t let the dance music stop’, with a deft left, word to the beat spoken drop ; a well crafted summer banger, of accomplished instrumentation and surprising depth in composition and mix ; that successfully combines, inspiring use of contrasting musical element, perfectly pitched vocal arrangement, and an ‘A to the X-to-the-Y-to-the-Z’ of electro pop, dance floor hot, percussive device and FX Vox ; with the driving swagger & shunt of a bassline grunt, and the low down pump of well judged, boom and bump, that engages the body and enriches the soul.

“With My Army”, skips through the bars, light on its feet and built for repeat, the track changes up, floating on the four count, you had better fly! Very much an Artist on the up and up, Paloma Rush has just stepped up. ..she sings like it’s meant to be.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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