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Pomplamoose “Eleanor Rigby”

Pop-modernist duo Pomplemoose, add to their, already generously overflowing, 2018 sonic fruit basket with new single,“Eleanor Rigby”.

The northern californian based two piece’s interpretation of the iconic Dorian scaled Beatles classic, a palette cleansing black currant of sparse piano arrangement, jazz inspired bassline, framed within intuitive use of sonic space; and stands in stark contrast to the sugar sweet goodness of previous 2018 offerings, such as Raspberry funk-sucrose delight, Hall & Oates 1982 released,“Maneater”and the lemon pop-groove-tastic, bittersweet, zest of,“Love me! Love me! Say that you love me!”,forever Leo + Juliet, 1996 Cardigans hit,“Lovefool”.

Nataly Dawn’s voice creeps the verses, in softly engaging murmur, as the deftly played bass tiptoes beneath her; choruses follow in gentle swoops and swoons, delicately executed by the talented singer; piano chords kissed breathless and subdued by dexterous frequency sculpting, are allowed to break bright, and tumble in cascading shards.

A rare, strange and beautiful fruit, Pomplemoose’s dark, yet dulcet reimagining of the Fab Four’s ode to the lonely,“Eleanor Rigby” is a quiet pop gem; not bound for the quick synthetic sugar fix of chart topping success, but to be savored and enjoyed, time and time again.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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