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Sextile "Spun"

The second release taken from their upcoming EP, 3 (out September 14), LA based neo-punk/electro-corrupted awesome noise machine, Sextile drop their latest dash of sonic, genre-blended, homebrewed, albeit music, new single, “Spun “.

A noisy, guitar grinded, distortion fest of clattering six strings and feedback crescendos. The west coast recorded track, sweats New York influence with Sonic Youth styled percussive stabs, atonal slews & slurs, gloriously blunted Velvet-Underground-esque guitar breaks, and uber-cool, Ramonal shouty shouty vocals. The roomy, trashy, orgy of garaged saturation is bound together, rhythmic and punchy by Linn Drum beat.

With the band’s electronic toys sat quietly, and intentionally, on the back burner, “Spun “ stands and sounds, in stark contrast to 80s sequencer driven, synth-wave-tastic, first release, ‘Paradox’ ; the two singles demonstrating the great width and depth of Sextile’s loud, explosive, musical jamboree. It’s in your face, and in the best possible, bad taste. It’s waking up your neighbours and the sound of the police. Rocks broken in the hot sun and who gives a sh*t who won. It’s Sextile.

Sextile’s new EP, 3 is Available Now for Pre-Order! Twitter: @SextileBand IG: SextileBand

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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