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Smoke Season “Boys of Summer”

In drenched reverb, shimmered after-echoed-glow and acoustic tender arpeggio, LA based electro soul duo, Smoke Season release sublime re-imagining of Don Henley’s 1984 hit, “Boys of Summer”.

Having begun the year with a Jam in the Van, followed by bitter-electro-sweet-pop single, “Sweetest Thing”, Smoke Season’s mesmerizingly beautiful, smoldering slice of nostalgic-take on the founding Eagles’ iconic solo offering, marks their third in a series of characteristically eclectic 2018 releases.

In quiet defiance of the band’s electro-influences, the haunting synthesized laments of Henley’s original, are neither replicated nor updated; electronic sonics instead float ambient, ethereal, creating layers and widths; the digital and the analog entwined, deftly saturated, reborn indistinguishable; Smoke Season daring the listen to tell the difference. Exquisitely judged vocal and instrument FX, processed/delayed, singular and bespoke, ‘ghost’ the expansive, multi-instrumental production of the 80s original.

Gabby Bianco’s vocals rise and fall, building up and breaking apart, in a finessed and contrasting performance; quietly seducing and yet, melancholy inducing; the singer’s rendition, a living act of creation, improvisational, intuitive and inspired.

A stand still moment; a breathless pause, held in intimate embrace; a smile caught in sunshine, blended almost invisible; hey baby, hey baby, hey; girls say, girls say; hey baby, hey baby, hey; boys, boys say.

www.SmokeSeason.com Facebook.com/SmokeSeason Twitter: @SmokeSeasonBand IG: SmokeSeason

Featured in Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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