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Swearin “Grow into a Ghost”

On-again, off-again, awesome noisemakers, the willfully haphazard, social media borderlined, Swearin are back with a tasty slice of saturated guitar fuzziness and indie rock alt grunge (pick a word), with new single, distortion at pace,“Grow into a Ghost”(released July 24th).

A slamming, driving snare hit, punch-bounces the track throughout, providing much needed point of reference for the layers of overdriven, fuzzed and fused electric six strings to crank, wail, rocket and disintegrate in seemingly chaotic, but far from accidental, contrasting tones and complimentary musical shapes; a thick chocolate cake of amped bass amplitude, gained to the crunch, drag-drives the song from the ground up and up.

Singer and guitarist, patchwork project leading, Allison Crutchfield’s voice speeds across the tone smacked asphalt instrumentation, lyrics lifting light on the breeze; but first grabbing traction with soulful tread and quiet snarl.

“Grow into a Ghost”flatters to deceive with a crowd pleasing, playing to the cheap seats, array of guitar sonic treats, which belies a smartly produced, intuitively crafted piece of songwriting ; the track immediately bringing a smile to the face, with depth and noisy finesse to satisfy the appetites of repeat listeners.

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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