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Tanners “This Crazy”

New York based artist/songwriter Tanners drops a 3 minute 58 second slice of alt pop/psychedelic dream pop and cautionary snapshot, with new single “This Crazy”.

Short percussive bass riffs partner a drum kit, set roomy; the rhythmic pair driving the song in a shuffled series of darting stabs and rolls. Synthpopped electro hooks and shifting synthsonics, modulated ambient envelop the track, providing width and depth.

Tanners vocals are clear and bright, with a soulful hush, emphasized by well worked reverb. The young Artist’s lyrics, ideas and memories flow in an intuitive rush of singalong melodies and percussive turns; engaging in their haste, as Tanners relives and reveals the great waste of indulgent/destructive youth.

Part confessional, part conversational, part art rock, part chartpop, “This Crazy” is an accomplished blend of contrasting musical influences, that strikes a compelling balance between art and entertainment; and places its author at the heart of a growing movement of young women, intent on bringing intelligent, challenging, socially and artistically relevant pop back to our much-devalued charts.

Tanners is very much an artist on the up…whoever she might be. Twitter: @WhoisTanners IG: WhoisTanners

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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