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The Workday Release "Side by Side"

Released on his wedding day, new single “Side by Side”, represents a heartfelt ode to fidelity and the most personal of promises for singer songwriter David Ottestad, aka The Workday Release.

The Orange County based Artist’s second release of 2018, the carefully instrumented, “Side by Side” forms an oblique and oddly beautiful pairing to the willfully stripped down, earlier release, “Opposites” (Click here for my review). And whereas “Opposites”, stark in its presentation; testament to the beauty of simplicity, and intended act of demonstration against the hyper-produced music of our charts, was very much a protest song in the action of its production, “Side by Side” is disarmingly simple in its intentions.

Produced by good friend, longtime collaborator and creative partner, Warren Huart, and recorded at his Spitfire Studio (located behind the English born/LA based Producer’s family home), with David and Warren playing all the instruments themselves; the 4 minute 9 second track sways in an open, deceptively easy, series of lovingly arranged, musical stanzas. The care and attention brought to the graceful production, speaks quiet volumes of the talent and experience of Warren Huart, whose well judged, in-obtrusive style of orchestration, works in tandem with, and is supported by, the multi-instrumentalist’s hard earned musicianship.

David’s vocal performance, a tender rendition; his well worn heart, worn well on his sleeve; his voice resonating sweetly, as he strains to convey the depth and verity of his love. Well finessed and ‘hands off’ vocal processing, allows David’s vocals the necessary air to breathe, and, in turn, for us to feel; the lyrics, expressed in the characteristically straightforward and honest manner; those familiar with his work, will know and love.

In an Industry where so many young Artists employ disingenuous, ‘by the packet’, ‘calls to action’, in lazy, less-than-half-hearted attempts to cheat/fake engagement with their fans, David’s decision to release, ‘Side by Side’ in celebration and recognition of his marriage; and in doing so, share the day with his fans ; is the embodiment of what rests at the centre any real relationship, an act of intimacy.

You catch the home-brewed music video for “Side by Side” on YouTube

Watch David and Warren record “Side by Side” via the Produce Like a Pro YouTube Channel Twitter: @WorkDayRelease IG: TheWorkDayRelease

Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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