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X.ARI Kingdoms Fall (DIS-ORDER EP)

Canadian born, LA based, bittersweet alt electro pop artist, X.ARI follows up on quick fire release, the dancefloor moving, Bimbo Jones remix of“Stay v Go”, with her much anticipated second EP,DIS-ORDER.

Delayed two months, the hardworking songwriter left with no choice, but to take a well overdue break, the six track collection and creator, are perhaps best summed up by the conflicted beauty of opening title, ‘Kingdoms Fall’.

Stadium filling singalong pop anthem, heartbreaking in their melodic elegance, sit oddly against FX drenched, percussive lyric riffs ; lofi stuttered bit blunted beats, are swallowed up by pitch drops cascading in rhythmic waves ; X.ARI’s words cast infinite in feedback washed delays, or plunged into unfathomable depths of reverb.

The experience for the listener, akin to being caught in a sonic maelstrom, as X.ARI struggles to reconcile two great opposing forces ; her striking talent for crafting powerful chart conquering choruses, versus the delicate introspect, fragility and darkness of her lyrical world. And yet, it is through this act of struggling, X.ARI’s work excels ; the point of violent convergence, a vital spark that infuses her music with a bright light. Very much a star in ascendance, we can only hope that X.ARI’s inspiring artistic struggle does not come at the expense of her own health, as she turns her pain into our power.



Featured on Best of Brash Independent Music 2018

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